Seven Chef Steakout: "Seven Chef" Series Continues at Top of The Rock on September 14

Did you miss the 7 Chef Pig Out at The Gladly earlier this summer? How about the 7 Chef Veg Out at Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails last month? Well, that's okay because there's another multi-chef, ingredient-focused dining event just around the corner.

This time the star of the show will be beef. On Sunday, September 14 seven top local chefs will gather at Top of the Rock Restaurant for a Steakout event. A portion of the event's proceeds will go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Adopt a Room program.

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Unlike at previous Seven Chef events, this will be a beer paired lunch featuring Four Peaks Brewery.

Participating chefs will be:

  • Bernie Kantak, The Gladly/Citizen Public House
  • Josh Hebert, Posh
  • Kelly Fletcher, The Revival
  • Stephen Jones, Representing the Market Café at the Buttes Marriott
  • Scott Holmes, Little Miss BBQ
  • Gio Osso, Virtu
  • Gregory Wiener and Chris Castro, Top of the Rock

The menu will include dishes such as:

  • Beef tongue pastrami with mustard seeds, beets, and horseradish (Bernie Kantak)
  • Beef tartar (Josh Hebert)
  • Mongolian sweetbreads on white rice with scallion purée, sweet pea and carrot (Kelley Fletcher)
  • Skirt chicken fried steak with potato croquette and black pepper gravy (Stephen Jones)
  • Chorizo and beef skewer with hominy and corn (Scott Holmes)
  • Gnocchi frito with beef cheeks and pickled green onions (Gio Osso)

There will be two seatings for the event, the first of which will at 11 a.m., followed by a second seating at 2 p.m. The lunch costs $35 a person and includes seven courses and seven beers.

For a reservation, which are highly recommended, call Top of the Rock at the Marriott Buttes Resort at 602-431-2370.

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Lauren Saria
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