Seven Spots on Chow Bella's Mill Avenue Wish List

We were delighted this week to see Paletas Betty open on Mill Avenue -- and it got us thinking. (Always dangerous.)

If Betty Alatorre can bring a second location of her gourmet Mexican popsicle shop to Mill, what else could thrive there? Yeah, yeah, we know, Mill's a notorious sink hole for anything good, currently over-run with fro yo and tee shirt shops, but with tens of thousands of ASU students and staff just blocks away, couldn't something more creative than a Hooter's make it?

It's not like anyone would have to start from scratch; just open a second (or third) Valley location of a place we love. We promise we'll brave the bad parking and pooping grackles on Mill if you do it -- and we'll bring our friends.

Here's our wish list for Mill Avenue. What's on yours?

7. Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles

Mill is in desperate need of late night dining options (not that we don't love you, Jack) so why not start with a local classic -- Larry White's southern fried chicken and melt-in-your-mouth waffles. If it can work in Scottsdale, why not Tempe.

6. Jobot

This little coffee spot proves you don't need a lot of space to make a go of it -- making it the perfect candidate for a teeny tiny piece of real estate on Mill. Crepes with peanut butter creme, anyone? Toddy?

5. Chino Bandido

We couldn't decide which Mill needed more desperately -- additional Mexican options, or Chinese. How about both, wrapped up in a tortilla. Or over rice.

4. Green

Damon Brasch doesn't seem to be able to get off the dime to open the Phoenix location of his super-popular vegan comfort food joint. Maybe he should ditch that for Mill. The soynami-selling options are limitless.

3. Tammie Coe Cakes

Ooey Gooey cupcakes, MJ's soft pretzels and a fondant-covered cake for your roommate's birthday. Yes, please.


2. Food Trucks

Yes, once a week the grilled cheese truck comes by the Tempe Farmers Market on University. That's not nearly enough in a metropolis boasting food trucks with everything from pita-wrapped hot dogs (Short Leash) to creme brulee (Torched Goodness). How about a food truck court? That turn-around on 5th Street east of Mill would be perfect.

1. Sweet Republic

We'll trade you a Red Mango and a Mojo for just one scoop of Sweet Republic's Mint Chip.

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