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Shabu Fondue Opens Saturday in Phoenix: Hot Pots Return from Chef Johnny Chu

It's been a few months since Johnny Chu's T. Spot (formerly Tien Wong) closed its doors and left a giant, gaping hot pot hole in our Valley dining scene. But don't worry, Asian fondue lovers. That's about to change.

The chef's new hot pot restaurant, named Shabu Fondue, will open at 7822 N. 12 Street in Phoenix tomorrow. According to Chu's wife, partner, and general manager Linda Q, Shabu Fondue will be serve a menu similar to T. Spot but with a few new additions.

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Diners will have broth options including House Chinese Herbal Broth, House Ma La Spicy Broth, Coconut Curry, and Korean Kimchi. Vegetarian broths will also be available.

All of the broths will be gluten-free and made with no MSG and no oil added, she says. The broth bases are simmered for 10 hours and made using natural ingredients.

As at T. Spot, diners will have a wide selection of choices for foods to cook in the hot pot broths. Those options will include everything from Angus beef and Kurobuta pork belly, to razor clams and sweet head-on shrimp. Vegetables will also be on hand, including a selection of mushrooms, Chinese greens, and Korean pumpkin.

Linda Q also says the restaurant will serve weekly specials such as seasonal seafood, produce, and offal meats.

Beer, wine, and sake will also be available.

For more information visit the Shabu Fondue Facebook.

Shabu Fondue 7822 N. 12 Street 602-870-3015

Tues. - Sun.: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fri. and Sat.: 5 p.m. to 11 pm

(Reservations recommended for parties larger than five.)

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