Share and Sheraton alike

What's in a name?: Free stuff if you come up with the best one

What will you be doing in October 2008?

I like to think ahead, but wow -- that's pretty far off. For the City-owned, still-under-construction Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, though, that date actually means something: a grand opening.

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The restaurant there is still a twinkle in the Sheraton's eye, but I've been told it'll be a "contemporary American grill with a Southwestern twist." That could mean just about anything in this town, but I'll cross my fingers. I'll also hope that it's open on Sundays and Mondays, open for dinner, yadda yadda (all you Central PHX dwellers know exactly where I'm coming from!). One thing that's certain is that the place will be big, with seating for almost 250, a full bar, and a ginormous patio.

But right now the restaurant needs a name, and anyone from the public can throw in their two cents' worth. I love to brainstorm stuff like this -- what do you think headline writing is, after all? But the reason I'm telling you about it is because whoever wins this thing gets a free five-night stay at the hotel, with all meals included. Hello, free food?

Anyway, hit up this website and throw something crazy their way.

Note to my friends who are reading this: If you end up winning, it'll be a party at your place!

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