Share Your Best Egg Recipe with Over Easy to Win Free Hickman's Eggs for a Year

So you think you're hot stuff in the kitchen, do you? Sunday morning comes around and you're at the stove slinging the world's best breakfasts for your family and friends. Nice.

If so, then you're just the kind of person who should be pumped up about the second annual "Broken Egg Breakfast Challenge" held by local breakfast hot spot Over Easy. Entering is simple: Just share your best egg recipe and if you're selected to be the winner, you won't be buying any more of the breakfast staple for the next 12 months.

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"Everyone is invited to submit their favorite egg recipes," says Over Easy founder Brad May, "our regular patrons, and new ones too! Eggs are 'king' for breakfast, and if they enjoy them like I do, I'm betting we get some pretty darn good recipes submitted. Share your family-favorite recipes; we're excited to see them. Let's face it; fans enjoy eggs in so many different ways. There is a lot of variety out there."

In addition to getting a dozen free Hickman's eggs every week, the winner's recipe will also be featured on the Over Easy menu for the next year. The restaurant, known for its offbeat eats like waffle dogs, will be looking for recipes based on the following three qualities:

  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Creativity

Submissions will be accepted on the Over Easy website or at [email protected] from Monday, September 9 through Tuesday, October 15 with the winner being announced on December 1. That means you have plenty of time to prepare.

Get cooking!

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