Shelf Life: Getting crabby at AJ's

By Wynter Holden

My husband had a field day with this one. On a recent trip to score a bottle of Stone Brewing Co.'s new 8-8-08 lager at AJ's Fine Foods in Phoenix, he spotted this in the soup aisle and felt compelled to point it out.

Ha ha. I get it. It's a creamy, comforting stew created by men seeking to calm down their girlfriends or wives during that time of the month. Or maybe it's a nasty concoction cooked up by angry women, pissed that their men were out crabbing all day instead of home with their families. While I'm sure that the Blue Crab Bay Co. meant no harm in creating this southern-style chowder, the name probably ruffles a few feminist feathers.

Yes, I know that it's just soup made with crab roe as well as crab meat. Yes, the name is quite fitting and I understand it's a long-standing Southern tradition. But that doesn't make me any less crabby about it, dear. And I'm not even PMS-ing!

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