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"Short Leash Short Lease" Pop-Up Restaurant Will Open at UNION Biltmore in Phoenix

It's been over a year since UNION at the Biltmore Fashion Park opened its doors, giving a roster of local businesses retail space alongside national chains at the upscale mall. But in December, shoppers had to say a sad goodbye to Smeeks, the retro candy store owned by Georganne Bryant, who moved the store from its original location in Central Phoenix to the Biltmore when UNION opened. And recently Queen Creek Olive Mill's Trattoria del Piero joined the list of now-closed UNION tenants. (The list is getting pretty long.)

The good news is that another locally owned business is stepping in. Short Leash food truck owners Brad and Kat Moore will open a pop-up restaurant in the former Queen Creek Olive Mill trattoria. The temporary second location will be appropriately named Short Leash Short Lease.

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Brad and Kat say the pop-up restaurant will be around for just four months. Basically, they'll just be keeping the space filled while a new permanent tenant gets ready to start construction in the space.

Since the kitchen at UNION won't give as much room as at Sit...Stay -- Short Leash's brick and mortar location on Roosevelt Row -- the menu at Short Leash Short Lease will be the same as on the truck. So while you'll still be able to get your Igby on at the Biltmore, you'll still have to head to Sit...Stay for those premium dogs, salads, and dinner entrees. Short Leash Short Lease will also be a counter service-style eatery.

Kat says they hopes to be able to open the second spot by the end of this week.

In addition to the permanent restaurant, Short Leash now has two food trucks, which you can find around town on an almost daily basis. Check the Short Leash website for a complete schedule.

Keep an eye on the Short Leash Hot Dog Facebook page for more information.

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