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Should a Chef Alter a Signature Menu Item If a Customer Requests It?

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Rita French Chef de Cuisine, Province

YES: Cooking is a collaboration and my guests play a huge role in my cooking. If you removed the guest's feedback from the equation, you would be doing a huge disservice to your operation. If I notice a trend in feedback, I will absolutely re-evaluate the dish and tweak as needed.

James Porter Chef and owner, Petite Maison

YES: As a chef, I signed up to be in the service industry, and that means to serve as needed. If a guest would like to make a change, I'm happy to do it. That said, if it's a really odd request I may suggest not making the change. But then again, what do I know? If it tastes good to a guest, then I guess it is good.

Shin Toyoda Sushi master at Sushi Roku

NO: When they are altered, they no longer remain signature dishes. As a chef, the recipe was made the way I wanted it served, and it should stay as close to that as possible. Although, there is always a need to adapt to new palates.

Aaron May, chef and restaurateur

YES: I'm a big believer that the customer is not always right but should always get what they want. If the guest wants to alter a signature dish, we will always accommodate them; however, sometimes with the caveat that the dish is not going to work as well. Obviously, if there's an aversion to the key element of the dish, there's a significant reason that the dish was created that way.

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