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Should Restaurants Host Political Functions?

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Chef Ephraim Gallor Taps Signature Cuisine & Bar

Restaurants are a place for friends to discuss politics. If a candidate wishes to come to my establishment to hold a rally, function, party, or discussion group, I always welcome them. A restaurant should stay neutral politically to best provide the community with a safe place to come together, share food and drink, and socialize with all manner of people and all viewpoints.

Shin Toyoda Sushi Master, Sushi Roku

This is a very dangerous game to play. If you choose one side, almost automatically you lose the opposing side as guests. Why not invite everyone?

Chef Jeremy Pacheco, Lon's at the Hermosa

Nothing wrong with it. It brings exposure and business to the restaurant. It does not necessarily have to be because the restaurant believes in one side more than the other.

Chef Andrea Volpi Local Bistro

I'm against my restaurant hosting political functions. Politics is something we should continue to discuss and debate, but there are better and different platforms to do so than a family-based restaurant that welcomes people from all parties and those who are not political at all. By opening the doors to hosting a political function you are bound to alienate a certain group of people.

Trish Clark Manager, Bungalow Bar & Grill

It's fine for a restaurant to host a political function and show support of a candidate if they are willing to be vocal about what they stand for as a business. It can be good for as well as risky -- either way, the business must decide if they are willing to receive some negative feedback.

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