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Should the Food Industry Separate the Accomplishments of Female Chefs Because They're Women?

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Anthony Spinato Chef and Owner, Spinato's Pizzeria

No. My wife, who is one of our chefs, would want to be singled out for her accomplishments only if they were compared to all chefs, not just females. It diminishes the accomplishment if you single it out by gender. However, I understand that as more female chefs are highlighted, it will encourage more to the field.

Lauren Bailey Restaurateur, Upward Projects

Talent and creativity come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. Everyone should be acknowledged by the same standards. It's exciting to see so many accolades for people who are passionate about the culinary world, and I think gender can be left out of it.

Chef Stephen "Chops" Smith, Searsucker, Scottsdale

I'd say so. The industry is heavily male-dominated, and it can be hard for female chefs. Kudos to them for sticking it out!

Bill Sandweg Owner, Copper Star Coffee

At some point in time, this question should be irrelevant. But in reality, it's so hard to get through the grinder of restaurant work as a woman. Things are way better now than 20 years ago, but I would think that it's okay to keep rewarding female chefs for their success.

Kevin Binkley Chef and Owner, Binkley's, Café Bink, and Bink's Midtown

No, it should be on ability. I have worked with some outstanding female chefs, one of which is currently running Cafe Bink -- Tandy Peterson. She can cook as good or better than any of the guys that work with me.

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