SHWEET!: A monsoon dessert to almost die for

By Steve Jansen

I risked my life for this.

There was a point during yesterday's monsoon that I thought my four-door sedan and I were about to be splattered on the median wall of the U.S. 60. During that moment, I wondered what would be written in my obit.

The only reason I was driving in the insane deluge was on account of "SHWEET!" If I completely lost control of the wheel in the rain and died on the way to reporting on my next food item, I would have perished on the job. Not a bad way to go out.

So what, I imagined, would one of my fellow writer's pen about my life? That I died in honor for the blog? And what about the headline? Here lies Steve Jansen, blogger? Not exactly how I would want to be remembered, but I guess it's better than, "He liked every type of music except country."

Anyway, I didn't die, obviously. But I did dodge a few close calls on the way to Gilbert's Romeo's Euro Cafe. I was pretty wound up when I finally walked inside the adorable space. All I wanted was something alcoholic.

But instead of ordering a brewski, I opted for something a bit more sweet, yet still booze-drenched: A slice of the Satin Bondage cake, which is a toasted almond cake doused in Amaretto and Malibu rum, and draped in a coconut, white chocolate, and cream cheese icing. It wasn't my favorite, but the restaurant stocks two pages worth of awesome-sounding desserts, so I'm sure the Satin Bondage just wasn't my thing at that moment.

Next time, I'll order Amaretto and Malibu, sans cake.

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Steve Jansen
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