SHWEET!: Churro Station

By Steve Jansen

SHWEET!: Churro Station

Until Sunday, I'd never, ever eaten a churro.

For real. Never.

Like stadium dogs and those gross out turkey legs at the Renaissance Festival, there's something about the large, hand held format of churros that always turned me off. I'm uncomfortable eating in front of others, so sticking a big, messy piece of grub in my face isn't my favorite.

That's why I tend to gravitate to more subtle sustenance, such as air.

When I heard that Churro Station, a franchise with a strong presence in California, had opened a store on 35th Avenue and Northern, I'd thought I'd give it a go (and order to go, of course, so I could eat in private).

I chose one filled with a tasty vanilla paste. I have zero frame of reference when it comes to these things, but as far as I could tell, it didn't suck. If anything, it tasted a bit like Indian fry bread.


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