Simple Suppers at Noca: Special deal this weekend

By Michele Laudig

Talk to the food fanatics around town, and Noca's got the buzz du jour, which is saying a lot for a three-and-a-half-week-old restaurant. I won't name any names, but the place has been crawling with local chefs, celebs, and even some restaurants critics. (And no, I'm not counting myself! This is the one restaurant where I can actually dine without taking notes.)

But now it's getting attention for more than chef Chris Curtiss' a la carte menu. For now, only on Sundays, Noca's doing a three-course prix fixe for $35, and it's starting to pick up steam. It's called the Simple Supper.

Better yet, proprietor Eliot Wexler tells me he's doing a special three-course Simple Supper deal this Sunday only: $99.99 (including tax and gratuity) for two people, with a choice of entree and two glasses of wine. Apparently somebody on Chowhound wondered whether a good meal for two could be had there for under a hundred bucks, so he's offering this just to get the word out about the Simple Supper. (Don't bother checking -- the post's already disappeared from the thread.)

Me? Sure, I could easily feed myself there for under $50 -- just give me one of each of the crudos, and some gelato for dessert. Easy.


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