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Singles Awareness Day and Lettuce Wrapped Tacos in Today's Eater's Digest

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No Valentine for you this year? Guess what tonight is your night to get off the couch, outta those p.j.'s and hit the town! Grab your best single friends or go it alone and drink to the single life at Culinary Dropout where being single is being awesome. The Scottsdale gastropub will be celebrating Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) all day with drink special and a live performance from Joey Arroyo. Drink specials include $5 glasses of champagne, $2 paperbag beers, $4 well drinks and $8 Anti-Valentine's Day cocktails.  We heard cupid and possibly the one-night-stand fairies might be lurking in the shadows to make your night a little less, um, single. Click here for more details.

Taco Tuesday!
Healthy Taco Tuesday to be exact! We know you ate way too much of the sweet stuff yesterday whether you celebrated the day or not. Get back on track with a low carb version of your favorite Tuesday night meal. Turkey Lettuce Wrap Taco's are quick, healthy, and delicious(trust us, they are a weeknight meal staple in our house). Skip the romaine and splurge on the bibb lettuce and top with homemade guacamole to fancy it up.

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