Six Sweets for Super Bowl Sunday

​If you're planning a party for the big game this Sunday, we figure you've already got the basic four food groups -- chicken wings, chips, dip, and beer -- covered. But what about the sweets? It's not a party unless there's cake, right?

And if you're not throwing the party but you have plans to trash someone else's home during the Super Bowl, then you should bring one of these sweet football treats. Or send them the link to this blog with a note that says "hint, hint".

6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries -- Decorated as tiny footballs, of course. This is super simple dessert that any of you can throw together in a short amount of time. We even found a video (above) in case you can't figure out how to pipe the lines.

5. Blue Moon Cupcakes -- or Corona or Four Peaks Peach or Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry or really any beer that can be paired with a fruity frosting will work. Erica from Sweet Tooth pokes tiny holes in the top of her cakes and then brushes them with beer so they retain that delicious beer flavor. We'll take (or make) a dozen!

4. Fruity Glazed Popcorn -- Grape popcorn? How about orange? You can glaze your very own batch of popcorn with whatever flavor your heart desires -- as long as it's a Jell-o flavor. Although you might want to stick with the blue and red flavors. This is is a football party, after all. Color matters.

3. Super Bowl Stadium Sundaes -- These are probably the cutest little Super Bowl desserts we've seen yet! We are totally impressed with food blogger Katrina's waffle bowl turned stadium dessert. So impressed we might even try our hand at making these this weekend.

2. Cake Pops -- Score one for the baker with the super cute cake pops. Cake pops may be a little played out but we'll make an exception for these guys plus we're pretty sure the same decorating technique from the strawberry video will work for these too.

1. Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcakes -- With blue cheese frosting. We couldn't resist throwing this one in here. We love everything that comes out of The Cupcake Project's kitchen -- even these little monsters. Who know, maybe we'll get daring and make a batch ourselves!

BTW, this was going to be a post about meat stadiums but our friends at Denver's Cafe Society beat us to it and you should check them out. Click here and prepare to have your mind blown away by cold cut sculpture!

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