Six Ways to Cook with Marijuana

This sure is a banner month for Arizona's stoners.
Last week the state's medical marijuana law took effect (consult our handy guide for details) and now it's 4/20. Heh heh.
Why not celebrate by eating your weed? We've gathered so many marijuana recipes we could practically publish a cookbook at this point (not to mention our list of beers for stoners and special stoner edition "Dinner and a Movie") so we figured we'd recap our six favorite ways to cook with cannabis.
Find out how to make pot-infused vodka, cannabis caramel corn and more after the jump.

Just click on the links below, and get all the recipe details:

1. Cannabis Butter. Just about every recipe that involves pot calls for this stuff, and you've got to make it right or things will go awry.

2. Cannabis Oil. The vegan way.

3. Pot-infused Vodka. We're not talking about pouring vodka into your bong. In fact, DO NOT DO THAT. We are pretty sure that would be a really bad idea. But this recipe will allow for a lovely, mellow infusion, not to mention a lovely, mellow high. (Or so we hear.)

4. Cannabis Caramel Corn. Now that you've made your butter, put it to use.

5. Cannabis Cinnamon Twists. Ditto.

6. Cafe Mary Jane. Yep, wake and bake: marijuana in your coffee.

Do you have a favorite cannabis recipe? Don't be greedy -- share in the comments section.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.