Either the wine went to my head, or that was really Santa dropping in to say hello

Sky High

From the looks of the prepackaged beer pong sets they're selling now at BevMo, you'd think beer fanatics have all the fun. But this kooky event I just stumbled upon tells me wine lovers can be weirdos, too: Saturday's free wine tasting at Glendale's Jug 'n Barrel Wine Shop, where the main attraction (aside from the vino) will be Santa Claus skydiving into the parking lot. Granted, all the businesses in that shopping center are sponsoring it — from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. there'll be a mini-carnival for little kids, plus a classic car show for big kids — but this totally takes the prize for most creative entertainment at a wine tasting. They'll also be grilling up brats and hosting some live musicians to keep you amused until Saint Nick flies in, sans reindeer. Bottoms up!


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