Slade Grove: Caramelpalooza Candymakers

The caramel sampling continues today with last year's Caramelpalooza winner in both the blind judging and peoples' choice award categories, Slade Grove.

Grove is the Executive Pastry Chef for Wicked Kitchen Gourmet and Cookies From Home in Tempe.

I ended up in the kitchen because I decided it was time for a career change and have always enjoyed baking.

My favorite dish to make is my 10 lb Lasagna. It's still a baked good....

Find out why Grove doesn't like to cook with seafood after the jump.

One dish I'm afraid to make is anything with seafood. I'm allergic.

My favorite kind of candy is caramel. Soft, buttery, chew caramel.

Caramel should be over the top in taste, texture, uniquiness, and calories!

I always brush my teeth after every meal.

Find Slade and 11 other chefs at Caramelpalooza, Friday, March 11, from 7 til the caramel runs out,  Smeeks candy store, northwest corner of Central and Camelback. 

Catch up with the other candymakers we've profiled so far:

Tammie Coe, Eugenia Theodopolous, Charlie Blonkenfeld, Meghan Olesen, Veronica ArroyoBrianne Day, Virginia Senior


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