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Slideluck Pot What?
What the hell is a Slideluck Potshow? We were wondering the exact same thing till our buddies over at Jackalope Ranch and our own Jennifer Woods filled us in. Turns out Slideluck Potshow is this super progressive artsy/foodie event that started in Seattle and has made it's way around the globe. Next stop, Phoenix. Bring your favorite dish, your appetite and a blanket (and $10) Saturday April 30 to the Icehouse in Phoenix. Share your offerings with your fellow community members and check out some not-to-be-missed artwork in a unique slideshow presentations. Get the full story over at Jackalope Ranch

Slideluck Pot Show and Royal Cupcakes in Today's Eater's Digest

The Royal Cupcakes
By the time you read this Prince William will have already married his commoner bride Kate and the two will be well on there way to a bright future of wedded bliss. Does that mean the media is going to let up? Not a chance. Use the highly publicized nuptials as a good excuse to make cupcakes. We found these cute Royal Wedding Cupcakes over at Made with Pink. A lovely little blog that spends it's time comparing baking in the UK to the States.

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