Slow Food Phoenix Fights Fatty School Lunches

Slow Food Phoenix says that the current standard of fast food and junk food in school lunches serves the escalating obesity and diabetes epidemic in America. (Not to mention, there's the ethical sketchiness of putting Taco Bell and Pizza Hut products in schools.)

So to raise awareness, the group is inviting Valley residents to an event that demonstrates against greasy pizza and fries being served to school children, hosting the Time for Lunch Eat-In, a bring-your-own picnic at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, as a part of a national movement to get quality food in school lunches.

The eat-in, which is scheduled for September 7 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., was created to send a message to legislators that the current Child Nutrition Act is no longer cutting the mustard, and that schools should actively pursue healthy food options, teach nutritious living, and increase lunch reimbursements for children. 

Whether the kids will actually want to eat those healthier options is another story entirely.


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