Slow Food Phoenix Offers a Prize for New Slogan

Slow Food Phoenix

needs some creative help and we thought that one of you Chow Bella readers might be the key. They posted on Facebook that

they need a "catchy slogan" or image for their new t-shirts and we know you can come to the rescue


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Find out what you'll win if your idea is chosen...

Here's what you'll need to consider: it should incorporate their logo and relate to their "love and mission of good, clean, fair food." All you have to do is email Slow Food Phoenix info@slowfoodphoenix.org your idea. Easy.

Now to think of a slogan -- that's the hard part. But we know how creative you are and will think of something fabulous.

If your idea is chosen you'll get some serious bragging rights and your very own t-shirt to wear with pride.

Get going, the deadline is Tuesday November 29th.

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