S'more Please Sundaes

Here we are in July. Is it just us, or does July seem to sneak up and take you by surprise? It's time for summer plans to unfold. Time to escape the heat, or at least dream about it. Time to enjoy all those mainstays of summer: tomatoes, watermelon, swimming, lemonade, ice-cream trucks, salty skin, and making s'mores. 

Ok, so maybe s'mores aren't the most practical thing in a city known for its triple digit summer heat, maybe they are mostly associated with the great outdoors and a roaring campfire, but that doesn't mean that we don't crave that delectable combination of flavors: crunchy graham cracker, gooey marshmallow and smooth chocolate. 

This is what leads us to try the Martha recipe for S'more Please Sundaes, which don't require a campfire or even leaving home. 

These are s'mores that will be made in the broiler. Take three graham cracker squares for each sundae and place them on a cookie-sheet. On two thirds of the graham crackers place a little pile of mini-marshmallows; on the remaining third of the graham crackers cover with squares of milk chocolate candy bar. Place under the broiler until the marshmallows are a toasty brown (about 30 sec. to a minute). 

Then assemble your sundae. Place a marshmallow-covered cracker in each serving dish, then a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top. Add a chocolate covered cracker, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of that. Top with another marshmallow covered cracker and drizzle with hot fudge. 

This dessert combination is wickedly sweet. Frankly, the hot fudge sauce is overkill. Prepare for a sugar surge. With two types of ice cream, melted chocolate bar and marshmallow it was a showstopper, but next time we'd pare it down for anyone over the age of ten. 

It hit all the right flavors of toasted marshmallow and chocolate, but instead of saying s'more please, we'd probably say no s'more (at least until next summer).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.