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SnoBar: Booze Popsicle Debuts in Phoenix with Overly Dramatic Trailer

Pulled straight from SnoBar's press release:
"With a pure alcohol content range of 3.59 to 6.41 percent (8.22 to 14.67 alc/vol), each serving of SnöBar ice-pops and ice cream has the equivalent alcohol percentage of a full cocktail."

Starting December 9, you too can get smashed on ice cream and popsicles. Snobars will be sold at Total Wine Phoenix locations. These popsicles are flavored with adult beverages to taste like a cosmo or margarita. Ice cream flavors come in grasshopper, Brandy Alexander, Brandy Alexander chocolate chip and the somewhat disturbingly named pink squirrel.

No prices are mentioned in the press materials, but these booze-cicles are supposed to "...have retail prices comparable to that of a regular cocktail or bottle of premium alcohol."

Please remember, dear readers: don't lick and drive.

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Ando Muneno
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