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So long, Cafe del Sol -- Bonjour, Fuego Bistro

Let's hope third time's the charm for the third restaurant in three years at 713 E. Palo Verde Road, near 7th Street and Bethany Home.

I just got word from Jeff Ward, the new owner of Cafe del Sol, that big changes are in store for the tiny eatery:

"We are changing the name to Fuego Bistro on the first of the month, we rolled out a new dinner menu last week, and I have brought in a new chef, Daniel Garcia. Daniel has 20 years of restaurant experience, including 15 years as executive chef of Lombardi's at Arizona Center. I have15 years of restaurant experience myself, including 5 years as a dinner captain at Mastro's Steakhouse," he writes. "My vision of this small, tucked away spot was to take the Latin classics offered here and to infuse Southwest flavors into the mix -- the final product is Latin fusion with global and Southwest influence."

Ward adds that since there are only seven tables altogether, he'll be offering personalized wine pairings, with no bottle over $28.

Cheers to that.

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Michele Laudig
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