It may not look like much, but wait til you get a taste.
It may not look like much, but wait til you get a taste.
Heather Hoch

Soup's On!: Sopa de Chile Marron at Barrio Cafe

We've been around the soup block many times before. We thought we found all there was to find, but leave it to Barrio Café to prove us wrong with a soup that's truly unique.

Barrio Café has shown us time and time again what to expect from a Mexican eatery. The food is consistently fresh, and they rely on crafting flavor versus overloading it with spice to hide what's wrong. The Sopa de Chile Morron is no exception.

The menu describes the soup as a roasted sweet and spicy pepper soup. The combination of sweet and spicy is nothing new, but the way this soup goes about it is. To be fair, the soup really isn't just sweet and spicy. It's also rich and creamy, with mellow accents of the sweetness and spice.

This soup is pretty complex. So much so that when we tried it with our dinner date, our reactions were an intial "Hm," followed by the resounding "Mmm!"

The Sopa de Chile Morron is also full of soft little chunks of creamy Mexican cheese, which add a different texture to the velvety soup.

When we asked our waiter what to expect in terms of size, he told us not to expect a full meal. This was kind of disappointing because it is an $8 bowl of soup. However, when it came to the table, it was clearly way more than an appetizer.

Though this soup is enough to fill a hungry tummy, we couldn't help but also get the guacamole with their fresh, homemade tortilla chips. The guac is made tableside to your specifications, and they even add sweet pomegranate arils. We can't help but order it every time, and it did complement the soup nicely.


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