Spa Water Lets You Drink Water Like You're Better Than Everyone Else

There are plenty of bottled water options that come with ridiculous price tags. From Smart Water to Fiji to Voss and more, the fancy water scene is here to stay. But for some hydrators, expensive water isn't upscale enough for them, and that's where spa water comes in. According to the Huffington Post, the spa water trend is exploding in other parts of the country, though we've seen only glimpses of it here in Phoenix. So what is spa water exactly?

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First, you grab some fruit -- maybe it's blood orange slices or blackberries or kumquats, or maybe you forget the fruit entirely and go for sliced cucumber. Then you incorporate herbs like rosemary or mint, and -- bam -- you have refreshment all your friends will envy. Put it all in a Pinterest-worthy pitcher and let it hang out in your fridge to soak up the fresh flavors. We've certainly had our fair share of orange water while waiting for a table at Matt's Big Breakfast, but this fancy pants water trend is a little crazy. There's even a spa water cookbook.

We haven't even told you the most insane part of the spa water trend. For the low, low price of $29.95, you can buy a Define Bottle, which is a water bottle specially made for spa water fanatics on the go. The bottle features two separate chambers, which allows you to steep your botanicals on the go and then release all of the flavored water without getting hit in the face with lemon peels and mint sprigs while you sip.

All joking aside, this beverage trend is at least a healthier alternative for soda junkies who still crave flavor.

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