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Spinato's Launches Gourmet Sauce Line and Caren Alpert's Food Photography in Today's Eater's Digest

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Spinatos at Home
Guess what, Spinato's pizza lovers -- the family-owned pizza joint is now putting their coveted sauce in jars. That's right, as of this week you have the ability to make your own pizza or pasta at home using wonderful family-recipe sauces. Choose from three savory sauces including Spinato's flagship Marinara sauce, Vodka Cream pasta sauce, and bold Basilico sauce.  For the moment, the three sauces are only available at the Spinato's locations but they hope to have them on the shelves of local grocery stores soon.  Keep your eyes peeled --the local company also plans to bring their salad dressings to the masses toward the end of the month. Click here to find a Spinato's location near you. 

Microscopic Food Photography

San Francisco-based photographer Caren Alpert has spent the last few months looking at the foods we eat through a different kind of lens -- a microscopic one. She produced these unlikely but amazing images of cake sprinkles, sun dried tomatoes, French's fried onions, and our personal favorite, shrimp tails. Click here to visit Alpert's website for a full tour of her electron microscope images. 

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