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Sprinkles Cupcakes Beverly Hills Now Has An ATM -- A Cupcake ATM

No Joke. Sprinkles is now in the 24-hour automated cupcake business.

No longer will one have to stand in a long line waiting for middle-aged women to have the cashier describe every single flavor twice only to decide on a cupcake of the vanilla chocolate variety because she "just loves chocolate." The days of dealing with that overly cheerful cashier are out the window. Customer service isn't even necessary anymore! Machines are more personable and efficient anyway.

Le sigh. Is this what the world of baking is coming to? ATMs?!

The corporate cupcake giant Sprinkles rolled out the first of their new cupcake ATMs earlier this week at their original location in Beverly Hills, CA. The machine is stocked with 500-600 "fresh" baked cakes all wrapped up in their own little box. We couldn't make it out to try the machine out ourselves, but Huffington Post had someone on site to check it out.

The cupcake shop plans on stocking the machines with more than cupcakes in the near future. T-shirts, cake mixes, and dog treats are in the works. The company is also opening its first ice cream shop this spring right next door to their Beverly Hills location.

No word yet on a possible Scottsdale Sprinkles ATM, but we'll let you know if we hear anything.

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