Sprinkles Cupcakes Has Your Red Velvet Fix -- and Mix

Please say you've had a Sprinkles cupcake.

If you haven't -- and you live in metropolitan Phoenix -- by all means, get in your car and head to one of the cupcake boutique's few outposts, luckily located in Scottsdale on the northeast corner of Scottsdale and Camelback roads. It's worth it. But make sure you grab some cupcake mix while you're there.

These little darlings are Ex. Pen. Sive. Really, $3.25 for a cupcake? They're not even big enough to share. That may be okay for a treat, in this economy -- as long as you're still employed -- but it's not the kind of thing you want to make a habit. Ah, but you'll want to. That's where the mix comes in.


Sure, the final product may not look quite as cute, but you can buy a can of Sprinkles cupcake mix for $14 (yeah, yeah, still outrageous) and make your own. Someone gave us a can of the red velvet mix for Christmas (turns out, white vinegar is the key ingredient for red velvet cake, something we first learned about in the movie Steel Magnolias -- remember the armadillo groom's cake? -- and have obsessed over ever since) and it was easy and delicious. They even include some of their cute little signature candy discs to top each cake. 

And at just a little over a dollar each, per dozen, not counting a few grocery store items, a veritable bargain! And a great Valentine.

You can order the mix -- as well as gift boxes of cupcakes -- online or call 888-220-2210.

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