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St. Francis Cocktail Contest and Poisoned Salsa in Today's Eater's Digest

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Tonight, Devoured Culinary Festival is sponsoring a cocktail contest at St. Francis. Starting at 5:30, bartenders will compete in 3 rounds, each making their own special concoction. There is a $10 admission charge, but you get to test out the drinks. The event is a preview for the upcoming Devoured Phoenix Culinary festival which is happening March 13-14.

In a bizarre incident in Kansas City, a couple tried to get revenge on the owner of the restaurant that they both worked at by poisoning the salsa. The couple used a highly toxic pesticide which sent several people to the hospital but fortunately no one died. Click here for more details.

When it comes to vegan food, people either love it or hate it. Which ever side of the fence you are on, check out the food and craft blog, BitterSweet. These vegans are doing a great job making the food at least look pretty! http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/

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