Stacy Phipps knows barbecue.
Stacy Phipps knows barbecue.

Stacy's Smokehouse Gets Bon Appetit Love

Is Andrew Knowlton stalking me?

The Bon Appetit restaurant editor seems to be quite fond of my favorite restaurants these days, most recently writing up the fabulous Stacy's Smokehouse in his Hot 10 "Best New Barbecue Restaurants" for the July issue (which isn't online yet -- mine just came in the mail yesterday). In the last few months, he's also celebrated other things I adore, like Sweet Republic's wonderful homemade ice cream, the big breakfasts at Matt's, and ultra-fresh sushi at Roka Akor.

I'm not complaining, of course, because Knowlton obviously has good taste. And chef-owner Stacy Phipps totally deserves the accolades for the drool-inducing meats, smoked over almond and hickory wood, that he serves at his tiny Indian School BBQ joint. 

If you haven't been in yet, go now before everybody else mobs the place and the wait becomes pure torture. 1650 E. Indian School Road. Call 602-230-6724.  


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