Beer: The Final Frontier.
Beer: The Final Frontier.
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Star Trek's Klingon Beer and New Game of Thrones Brew to Be Released Soon

Get ready to geek out over beer in a way you haven't before. Sure, there's been a Star Wars-inspired Imperial Stout Trooper and the Ommegang's Take the Black to help you indulge the beer geek and sci-fi/fantasy geek in you all at once, but now Trekkies can get their drink on Klingon style courtesy of Indiana's Tin Man Brewing. If that weren't enough, Ommegang also announced that it will be releasing a Targaryen-inspired ale called Blood and Fire just in time to be the only beer you need on April 6 when the new season finally starts.

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Although pricing and release date info isn't out yet on the Klingon Warnog, the brew is being called a Danish-style Dunkel with "rye malt and traditional clove character, creating a very rich and unique flavor," according to the Star Trek website. If that beer's too morally ambiguous for you, go for a Vulcan Ale for a more neutral flavor.

Or if sci-fi brewskis aren't your bag, go for the newest Game of Thrones-inspired beer released by New York brewery Ommegang: Fire and Blood. The ale may have one of the least appetizing beer names in history, but if we know Ommegang, you'll likely be geeking out over its complex flavors. The beer will be release on Monday, March 31, six days before season four premieres.

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