Starbucks Is Testing a Guinness-Like Stout-Flavored Latte

It's a very, very confusing morning for beer and coffee lovers. No, we're not talking about coffee stouts, which are, in fact, delicious and nearly in season again. We're talking about Starbucks taking that whole thing, flipping it, and reversing it with their new Dark Barrel Latte. The new latter flavor, which is only testing in select states as of now, allegedly tastes exactly like a morning Guinness but without the booze.

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Don't get your Pumpkin Spice Lattes in a bunch quite yet -- the Dark Barrel Latte, which does admittedly have the coolest name of any Starbucks product to date, is only testing in Florida and Ohio, according to TIME. Like a presidential election, these key states will determine if the DBL will become a national treasure, much like the PSL before it.

Grubstreet reported that the coffee and milk base is flavored with both caramel sauce and a "stout flavored" sauce, which is made to taste like roasted malt. A Buzzfeed writer confirmed that it does, indeed, taste like stout (which was corroborated by this grossed-out Twitter user), but we do feel iffy about trusting any opinion that looks that much like a GIF-laden S-bux ad.

If you ask us, we'll stick to either our coffee tasting like coffee or our Guinness tasting like Guinness, and, if we really got to have that flavor in the morning, Guinness is a mere 4.2% ABV so it wouldn't be insane to just drink one for breakfast. It's full of iron, right?

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