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Starbucks Jumps on the (Non-Existent) Pie Bandwagon

The other morning, we found ourselves at our local Starbucks (the horror!) staring at the "breakfast pasty" case. The usual suspects were there -- cheese danish, blueberry scone, morning bun, iced lemon pound cake -- but there were also four new little treats.

Starbucks had pies. Super tiny, adorable pies.

At first we were excited. But then we realized that this must be the beginning of the end for pie.

It wasn't so long ago that people around the interwebs were screaming for cupcake's reign as the supreme dessert to end so that pie could have her shot as dessert queen.

It was a valiant effort, but as far as we (and every food porn website) are concerned the mighty cupcake unfortunately hasn't moved an inch and, although people really did try, the poor little pie never stood a chance.

And now that the little guys have made their Starbucks debut, we're going to go out on a limb and guess that they have jumped the shark before they even made it waist deep into the water.

Regardless of their dessert social standing (and for the sake of the blog), we decided to give the little ladies a shot and bought one of each. Surprisingly, they weren't half bad.

The pie choices include tiny traditional apple or cherry pies, chocolate whoopie pies, or two tarts -- chocolate hazelnut or brown sugar walnut.

The apple and cherry pies each had a nice flaky crust with tart fillings and cute little cut outs. The cherry was a little too sour for our liking, but the apple was two bites of perfect pie.

The tarts are basically an adult version of a Pop Tart with a buttery shortbread crust and rich fillings. The brown sugar walnut tart was hands down the best of the group, but with 10 grams of fat, we probably won't be splurging on these babies too often.

The whoopie pie was pretty gross. The actually cake was rock hard, and the filling tasted like -- well, it didn't taste like anything. Don't waste your daily calorie intake on one of these cute yet disgusting little morsels.

Speaking of calories, we should probably mention that each one of these suckers packs in a whopping 170 - 190 calories each. Considering how small they are, that's a lot! 

All in all, the Starbucks bakeries did a pretty good job with their tiny treats, but we doubt we'll see them in the pasty case for very long.

What do you think? Is pie over before it even got a decent start?

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