Steve Delaney's Irish Car Bomb

Yesterday we met Steve Delaney, the bartender and all-around good guy working afternoons at Rula Bula. Today he shares with us the recipe for a classic college drink: the Irish Car Bomb. Drinkers may be familiar with this one, but little did you know, Rula Bula mixes it up with its own homemade version of Irish cream.

"It's the owner's recipe, made with cream, decaf coffee, chocolate syrup and some Irish whiskey," Delaney says. "He just blends it the way he blends it, and it just blows people away. "

The Irish Car Bomb is easily the most popular drink served at Rula Bula, for obvious reasons: when made (and quaffed) correctly, it's delicious, like coffee with cream that'll get you feeling Irish in a hurry.

The ingredients:
6 oz. Guinness stout
¾ oz. Irish cream (Bailey's works fine)
¾ oz. Irish whiskey

How to make it:
Fill a pint glass with the Guinness, allowing the liquid to settle and form a creamy half-inch head of foam. Fill a separate shot glass first with the Irish cream, then gently add the whiskey. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug! As Delaney says: "A real drinker doesn't let it curdle."

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