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Steve Freidkin of TEXAZ Grill On Chicken-Fried Steak, His Favorite Local Deli, and the Two Local Chefs He Most Admires

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Favorite food smell: The moment that the onions, celery, bell peppers and garlic hit a dark roux when making gumbo.

Favorite cookbook: The Joy of Cooking.

Ingredient you love to cook with: Pasta because it's a blank canvas that you can do almost anything with.

Most under-rated ingredient: Love.

Something always found in your fridge: Pickled okra.

It's your day off. What are you eating and drinking?: Pasta, which is challenging since I'm avoiding gluten. Tito's Vodka with a pickled okra.

And what are you watching or listening to?: The Who.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: My mom's homemade macaroni and cheese, especially the parts around the edges of the casserole.

Favorite thing to eat now: I had a soft shell crab at Commander's Palace in New Orleans last weekend that made me cry.

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