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Still Have Leftover Halloween Candy? We're Going to Tell You What to Do With It.

Are you sick of Halloween candy yet? Before you make any drastic decisions to throw out the rest of your stash, take a look at these ideas. I went through a lot to make sure I didn't have any extra candy left at the end of the night (lucky, lucky trick-or-treaters!), but now I wish I had some so I could explore these recipes. Especially the above Halloween Candy Bark. I guess I should have spent more time on Pinterest prior to the holiday!

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Trick or treat brownies look like fun. A yummy surprise in every bite!

Or how about "one monstrous mash of a candy pie?" This recipe consists of throwing whatever candy you have into a pie crust and baking it for 30 to 40 minutes. It doesn't get any easier than that!

YIKES! These recipes are almost more frightening than just eating all the leftovers on your own, in one sitting. Whatever you do, make sure you share with lots of people.

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