Your guide to what to grab and what to skip when your lunchtime is spent at your desk.

What We Ate: Eating Right's Lasagna with Meat Sauce

The Facts: 370 Calories, 8g of Fat, 630mg of Sodium

Why This One: Actually we were going for the Turkey Lasagna but someone snagged it and left us this one in its place. They were right next to each other, easy mistake, we're not mad.

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Stuck at My Desk: Eating Right's Lasagna with Meat Sauce


Does lasagna ever look pretty? Not really, and this is no exception. The biggest disappointment was the lack of sauce and the sparseness of cheese on top. What scared us, though, was the snow white ooze coming out of one side that we assumed was the ricotta. And what's that green stuff in there? At least it's a decent size portion.

Taste: We have been out of school for a while but this sure does takes us back to our elementary school lasagna days. The noodles were a little too chewy and because there wasn't enough sauce to cover the top layer the edges were crispy.We've heard that some people are into that, though. Anyway, the "meat" (if that's what you really want to call it) had that distinct cafeteria taste to it and was in the form of tiny little pieces. The absolute worst part was the after taste. It's like you just stuck an entire clove of rotten garlic in your mouth. When you're eating it, it's like "Wow, this kinda tastes like nothing," but then when it's over with you're like "Wow, I really wish I would have eaten nothing"

Score: 1 out of 5. Okay, so it's better then starving, but not by much and don't forget the gum!

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