Stuck at My Desk: MorningStar Farms Lasagna

What We Ate: MorningStar Farms Lasagna with Sausage-Style Crumbles

Or veggie lasagna with fake meat

The Facts: 270 calories, 6g fat (2.5g saturated fat), 590g sodium and 41g of carbs

Why This One: We thought this would be a good plan to keep our pretend-meat cravings at bay while we patiently wait for Green to open in CenPho.

Looks: This looked scary going into the microwave and just as scary coming out. I believe my exact words to a coworker were "I really don't want to eat this. I'm scared". There was so much green leafy stuff and other weirdness going on with this mess. The picture on the box was quite deceptive.

Taste: Bleck. Maybe I just don't get along with microwave lasagna. It wasn't horrendous or anything, it just wasn't good. I only tasted any sort of "sausage" once through out the whole pile of gross, which was actually a plus since it reminded me that I hate Italian sausage. I also found out I'm not a big fan of kale, especially when it gets stuck in your teeth because it's tough and you can't chew it. And seriously, who puts kale in a microwave lasagna anyways? Half way through I gave up and picked out the carrots(the best part) and scraped the onions and kale off and ate the noodles. I was extremely close to ditching the whole thing, but I decided to stick it out, probably not the best idea. 
Score:  on a scale of 1- 10; I would give this a 2. Yuck, yuck and more yuck. Good thing I'm not a vegetarian.

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Shannon Armour
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