Stuck at My Desk: Weight Watchers Pasta Primavera

Your guide to what to grab and what to skip when your lunchtime is spent at your desk.


What We Ate: Weight Watchers Pasta Primavera

Bow-tie pasta with broccoli and carrots in a parmesan cream sauce.

The Facts: 290 calories, 7g fat, 590g sodium

Why This One: Bow-tie pasta is cute and fun to eat. Plus we like broccoli and you can never go wrong with cream sauce, right?

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Looks: Much to our surprise, it looks almost identical to the box. It's a little sparse on the broccoli, but aside from that, the box is a good example of what's inside. Noodles covered in cream sauce with lots of bright orange carrots and small pieces of broccoli. Plus the nice addition of a little red pepper. 

Taste: First off, how is this only 250 calories? For what it is, it's pretty tasty. The pasta was a perfect al dente, the veggies all tasted exactly how they should taste, and parmesan cream sauce is just another way of saying alfredo sauce. Granted the sauce was a little thin but it had some flavor. I cheated and added a little black pepper to spice it up. With this little meal being so light in calories, I was able to eat this carrot cake cupcake that a fellow New Times employee dropped off at my desk. 

Shannon Armour

Score: 4 out of 5 stars. Not Bad!

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Shannon Armour
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