Summer Beer Quest Week One

"A quest," you ask? That's right. We're on the lookout for the ten best Summer beers and we're putting our feet to the pavement to ask local brew masters and bartenders what they drink during the hottest of seasons. 

The Plan: 
For the next two months, we'll be updating our Summer Beer Quest slide show with beers hand-picked by local beer experts. How do we determine which ten are the best? We're leaving that up to you. 

How to Participate: 
Each week you can check out the Summer Beer Quest slide show to check out the latest round of picks. Then drop us a message or hit up our twitter account to let us know which brews you prefer. We'll tally up the votes at the end of July and publish a top ten beers of Summer slide show with the winners. 

To kick this quest off we're bringing you not one, but two lists of beer picks from Four Peaks Brewer Neal Huttenhow and Papago Brewing Bartender Zach Ogle.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out this week's brews

and chime in with your vote. 

Happy drinking!

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