Sunday Brunch at St. Francis

During the week, I'm lucky if I eat breakfast at all. Today I had half a bag of Snyder's mini pretzels and called it my a.m. meal.

The weekend is a different story. I love a good brunch, and I'm happy I finally got a chance to try the new-ish brunch at St. Francis. A few friends had raved, so I couldn't stay away for long.

By day, the place was bright and airy, and live music added to the kinetic atmosphere.

The iron skillet olive oil pancake, studded with chocolate chips and topped with a dollop of whipped mascarpone, was nothing short of kick ass. Nothing like having a killer dessert and calling it the most important meal of the day.

The jumbo asparagus salad was also excellent, with huge, tender stalks, homemade green goddess dressing, crispy capers, crumbled egg, and fresh basil.

One big question mark, though: Why was mizuna listed on the menu description? I ordered the dish expecting a salad that included mizuna -- honestly, mizuna was pretty much the reason I chose this dish over another -- and there wasn't one trace of the greens on my plate. When I asked my server about it, she said it was really only a garnish anyway. She offered to have it replated on a bed of mizuna, and that was very nice of her, but the point was really more about the expectation of a certain ingredient in the salad.

So, yes, the menu can be fine-tuned. Otherwise, this is a great brunch and I'll definitely be back for more.

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