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Super Bowl Catering and Godiva Infused Vodka in Today's Eater's Digest

Are You Ready for The Super Bowl?
For those of you that have offered up your giant flat screen for the big game but still have no idea what to serve, have no fear it's not too late for help.

Throw a super party with the help of our favorite folks at Chaka Chaka. They have put together a killer Super Bowl special. 3 dozen chicken sliders for just $48. Have you tasted the Jerk Chicken Sandwich or the Chicken Tacos? Amazing. We're sure these will be the hit of any party! Click here for the details.

Z'Tejas is also offering a Super Bowl catering to-go. Each of the four packages feed up to four people and range from $30 -$65 per package. The field goal package includes chips, salsa, jerk chicken salad, spinach & mushroom quesadilla, jalapeno turkey wraps, margarita mix and cornbread. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Click here to find your local Z'Tejas.  

Godiva Vodka
We just got word that Godiva is now infusing vodka with chocolate and raspberries. We must get our hands on a bottle -- like, immediately! The delicious possibilities are endless. Just imagine how awesome White Russians are going to be! Visit your local liquor store to pick up a bottle for a little pre-Valentine's Day cocktails.

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