Sweet Meat Desserts: So Beautiful, So Bloody, So Bucket of Animal Grease

Sure, bacon is considered "meat candy," we're all comfortable with that, but Austrian artist and photographer Jasmin Schuller has taken the "meat as sweets" concept one step farther -- waaaaay farther.

Using ingredients such as meat scraps, blood, raw meat, and a bucket of animal grease, Schuller, for her series called "Sweet Meat," painstakingly created desserts that may look delectable, but aren't at all what they seem.

For example, the ice-cream sundae (above) is made from various minced meats, then covered in grease cream and topped with a "cherry" carved from a pig's heart. The syrup is blood.

To see more of Schuller's "Sweet Meat" series, follow the jump.

Via Oddity Central

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