Sweet Republic Gets A Nod From Bon Appetit

Congrats to Sweet Republic owners Jan Wichayanuparp and Helen Yung, whose year-old North Scottsdale shop gets a mention in Bon Appetit's June Hot 10 list of the country's "Best Ice Cream Shops."

Can't say it really comes as a surprise -- these hard-working ladies have earned the honors with homemade ice cream and sorbet in delicious and unusual flavors like Earl Grey tea, Roquefort blue cheese with medjool dates (it's called the "Cheese Course Duo" -- clever!), mango lassi, and basil lime, as well as a rotating variety of seasonal tastes. Not to mention, they've branched out beyond their Shea Boulevard digs, taking ice cream to the masses at local farmers markets (you can follow them on Twitter, too). 


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