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Sweet Summer: Ice Cream Sundae

It's too hot to cook, so just skip to dessert. That's our philosophy, anyway. Besides, most summertime desserts have the added benefit of being cold, and anything that helps beat the heat is a winner.

This week we offer you a daily guide to the sweet treats of summer, from lo-cal to oh wow, and best of all, these sweet mood elevators are pleasingly priced with nothing over $6.

Day Three - Ice Cream Sundae Sweet Republic 9160 E Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 480-248-6879

Ah, ice cream. The only thing that could make it better is drenching it in scrumptious toppings. Whoever first thought of that must have known it was a religious experience, that's why they dubbed it the 'sundae'.

This one's a treat, that's for sure. A caloric event of epic proportions, a splurge, perhaps. Certainly surviving summer in the dessert is worthy of at least one treat. And, if I get just one, it'll be the ice cream sundae from Sweet Republic. Make mine the s'mores sundae. Homemade everything - waffle cone bowl, ice cream, topping, marshmallow. This isn't every day eating, but then again, isn't that the point of a treat? Everyone once in a summer, why not? And at under $6, there's not much guilt in the budget department. So splurge away.

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