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Tammie Coe Makes Eyeball Cupcakes

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Coe, a Virginia native, has been in the Valley for 20 years, and she's a tour de force in the world of wedding cakes -- particularly known for her use of fondant. We arrived at her Arcadia bakery (she has a storefront on Roosevelt Row, as well) and were greeted by several assistants.

And then, Tammie Coe herself appears, just like in her pictures: platinum-blonde pixie haircut, blue eyes, fresh face, a crisp white baker's jacket and brown pants.

After scrambling around for something to make, she decides on eyeball cupcakes. That's right, eyeball cupcakes, in the spirit of Halloween (don't worry, no real creepy creatures were harmed in the making).

The cupcakes, which she'd baked prior to our arrival, appear and she puts them on a wood counter at the front of the store, behind the case of baked goods and next to a pile of sugar cookie dough. As she works, she tells us about herself.

Like most bakers, Coe's passion started young, around the age of 12.

Despite having degrees in both culinary and baking from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, she admits she isn't much of a cook.

"You have meat, you have heat, you have food," she says. "Pastry is more intricate and fascinating....It's art."

Indeed, Tammie Coe is an artist.

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