Ten Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Greater Phoenix

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6. Super L Ranch Market

This Asian market may not look like a restaurant but once inside you'll find it will be hard to leave hungry. The market is certainly well stocked but the real draw is to either side of the checkout lines. On the right you'll find their deli which serves up some of the best roast duck in the Valley. To the left you'll find the real gem; a small bakery serving everything from seasonal moon cakes to massive BBQ pork stuffed bao. 5. Tien Wong Hot Pot

Do you have a large group of friends craving a communal Chinese experience? Is it too late to order dim sum? Tien Wong Hot Pot won't let you down. After you sit down at this surprisingly well appointed eatery you'll need to select a soup base and then order off a surprisingly long ingredient list. If you're confused the helpful staff will be more than happy to guide you through the process. If not, they'll get out of your way so you can fill your bubbling hotpot with thin slices of meat and the freshest vegetables.

4. Nee House Chinese Cuisine

Like dim sum, a Peking duck is an archetypal eating experience unique to China. As luck would have it Nee House serves up one of the best in the Valley. Their duck possess all the hallmarks of good duck: Crisp skin, succulent fat and flavorful meat. Served alongside a handful of other dishes you'll find it's easy to put together your family style meal fit for royalty.

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