Ten Favorite International Markets in Phoenix

When you're roaming the aisles of your local chain supermarket, it's not always easy to find exactly what you're looking for -- especially if that something happens to be purple yams, Asian stink fruit, Russian black bread, or Turkish coffee beans.

Unless you consider 45 feet of chips and soda interesting, American supermarkets are B-O-R-I-N-G.

When we're in dire need of a little grocery adventure (or we need to find that one special ingredient), we like to get our foreign fix from these 10 Valley markets.

10. Yasha from Russia -- Park around the back of this shop just off 32nd Street and prepare to enter into the world of Russian eats. Yasha imports just about anything your little Russian heart desires, including a huge selection of smoked fish, Russian sausage, dry goods, pickles, chocolates, and beer. The shop even bakes Russian black bread, which is perfect for slathering with butter and caviar. The owner, Yasha himself, is an interesting character with a huge personality. He's probably going to talk to you. He's super-helpful and can be charming at times. And if he offers to show you around, take him up on the offer.

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Shannon Armour
Contact: Shannon Armour