Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Bloody Marys

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Classic Bloody Mary at Durant's -- The dark confines of this classic 1950's bar and restaurant is the perfect place to nurse your hangover in style. The charismatic bar staff at this swanky joint make their bloody's super strong and with as little or as much spicy as you like but this classy cocktail really makes our list because of the ginormous chilled shrimp that rests on the side of glass next to a fresh slice of lemon. We'll take that over a slice of bacon any day.

Alex's Loaded Bloody Mary at Boulders on Broadway -- The entire bar staff at Boulders can make a mean bloody mary but we have never seen someone put so much pride and love into our beloved weekend cocktail then bartender Alex at our favorite bicycle friendly craft beer bar and restaurant, Boulders on Broadway. Olive brine, A-1, Cholula, Sirracha, lime juice, Worcestershire, tomato juice and a healthy dose of vodka are shaken together and poured over ice into a bacon salt rimmed glass. Add a slice of bacon and a couple of olives and pair it with one of their outstanding breakfast burritos to get your weekend started right.

Super Spicy Bloody Mary from Rokerij -- When the sun is shining just a little too bright for you hungover Sunday morning eyes, there is no better spot to escape to than the dark interior of the Rokerij. The cavernous restaurant makes an insanely good bloody mary that is full of red pepper flakes, hot sauce, horseradish, and vodka and it even comes with its a 4oz sidecar of beer. The only problem is that they are so good we never stop at just one -- at least they're just $5 a pop (on Saturdays and Sundays until 4 p.m.) which means it's not a problem for our wallets. The Rokerij also serves one of the best weekend brunches in town, don't forget to eat something!

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